Wood Gun Cabinets for Your Gun Collection

 Wood Gun Cabinets for Your Gun Collection


Having a gun collection can be both scary and amazingly fun as a hobby. It is fun to have as a hobby because knowing that you are well-protected by something that you just collect for fun is something not everyone has, since collecting toy boats cannot keep you safe like a gun collection would. However, it is at the same time  .458 socom ammo scary because unknowingly, you are putting your kids’ lives in peril by having several guns in the house that they can accidentally use as toys. Worry not though, because the greatest solution to this major concern is simply to get a gun cabinet. But getting just any gun cabinet will simply not do, since you will want your cabinet to be aesthetically pleasing, as well as safe for you to display in the house without the kids touching your guns. And in this case, getting wood gun cabinets will probably be your best bet.

But now you ask yourself, why wood gun cabinets? Why not a cabinet that is made from a different material such as metal, plastic or even a glass cabinet?

Yes, getting metal-framed cabinets or etched glass cabinets may be more stylish and more modern than getting wood gun cabinets. But for that same reason, you should get wooden cabinets for your guns because aesthetically, wood really compliments guns. Think about it: most probably, you collect guns because you occasionally go hunting in the woods. And when you do, you stay in a log cabin. Despite being made of wood which is something biodegradable, this log cabin is probably older than your collection and in some instances, it might even be older than you. So in terms of lifespan, wood really outmatches metal, glass or plastic. Metal rusts when exposed to the harsh weather, glass breaks and is excruciatingly expensive to replace, and plastic is just not right for a gun cabinet. The only enemy you have against wood is termites, but that can be easily fixed by curing the wood with an anti-termite solution.

Going back to aesthetics, wood cabinets are definitely the top choice since getting one will compliment your log cabin, or if you plan to use it as storage for your home it will have a nostalgic appeal that represents your enthusiasm for hunting. Also, it can be deemed as more classical than those modern designs with material used from metal or glass, and in true classical nature, they will never burn out.



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