Where Should I Buy the Best Vacuum Cleaner – The Miele Capricorn

Imagine this situation you are getting ready for work when you spot pet hair on your high pile carpet, thinking you will quickly grab the vacuum and pick it up, you spot crumbed cheerios on the floor thrown by your two year old. You go to clean both messes up when you realize your vacuum is not picking up the pet hair and worse this vacuum does not easily go from carpet to bare floors. You are left completelyEngineered parquet floor - HAVANE - DESIGN PARQUET - glued / floating /  nailed frustrated, as a job that should have taken no more then three minutes will now take much longer. Why can’t they make vacuum cleaners that are easier to use? A vacuum that can make your life tremendously simpler is the Miele S5980 Capricorn Vacuum Cleaner.

A name greatly recognized for the quality and excellence found their products, Miele manufactures supreme home appliances. Ranging from cook tops, to refrigerators, to vacuum cleaners Miele products are both engineered and produced in Germany.

Displaying the best of what the Miele Company has to offer in style, functionality, practicality, and durability; the top of the line Miele Capricorn is truly a work of art. Exactly how durable is a Miele Capricorn vacuum? The Miele Capricorn is made to last 20-25 years and there are many tests in place to support this claim. Some of the tests this vacuum must pass is pulling the cord and rewinding the machines cord for a total of 20,000 times, continually running the machine over thresholds 30,000 times, leaving the machine on for hours upon hours, and repeatedly dropping parts. Because of these many tests Miele has the ability to confidently say that there machines will last from 20 to 25 years.

Longevity is only one area of the Miele Capricorn where it excels. Packed with a SEB 236 Power Head the Miele Capricorn can handle any situation from Parkiet parquet aggressive to delicate carpeting. Contained within the SEB 236 head is a set of rough bristles which has the ability to deeply dig into the carpet and destroy all traces of dirt, dust, and any crumbs nestled deep within your rugs, in a fast and efficient manner. Built to be easy to use for the user the SEB power head has a double swivel neck, making it easy to maneuver around furniture and under couches.

Another aspect of the Miele Capricorn is the Powerhead contains a fluorescent light that lights the path in front of you so you can see exactly what you are vacuuming. The SEB 236 Head also comes with an auto shut off if you run over something like a cord, a shoelace, or a towel. With the Miele Capricorn accidentally running over object is not a problem because the vacuum will simply shut down and show a red light, which signals the machine is stuck on something. When you are ready to start vacuuming again all you do is dislodge the stuck item and push the light. An additional plus to this machine is there is no belts to change because the belt does not break and therefore never needs changing.

What are the advantages of a Miele Capricorn and how can it benefit me if I have bare floors in my house? The Miele Capricorn comes with a SBB300-3 Parquet Floor Brush, an attachment specifically designed to make vacuuming bare floors easy and efficient. With a very low profile, the floor brush easily goes under hard to reach items like under baseboards. The parquet brush easy maneuvers because the floor brush pivots and swivels to accommodate going around items like furniture and cabinets. The floor brush also has soft bristles so scratching your bare floors will not be a something to worry about. The Parquet Brush smoothly slides and effortlessly moves creating a pleasant vacuuming experience.

There is no other vacuum cleaner on the market that compares to the Miele Capricorn’s filtration an aspect especially appetizing to allergy and asthma suffers. The Miele Capricorn uses what is known as a G/N bag, which is the largest bag in the Miele canister range. The material that this bag is made of is cloth like in nature and had the ability to capture up to 50% of particles going into the machine, even before being passed through a filter. The bag also has a plastic lining that prevents bag breakage from items such as nails and screws. One on the most amazing aspect of the Miele Capricorn bag is it seals itself up as you take it out so you never come in contact with the dirt.

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