The Last Stand: Deadzone Facebook Game Review

The Last Stand Deadzone is a nice treat for those social gamers who doesn’t want a million friends or having to add total strangers in order to receive the most out of their Facebook games. The story is that Union city has become a Deadzone, where survivors 7.62×39 ammo for sale are left to fight for themselves in compounds against the infected zombies, and even against fellow survivors themselves! Deadzone keeps the survivor instincts of such a game intact, forcing you to keep supplies of food, water. Also to collect and keep are cloth, wood, ammo, and metal, ammo for guns, and everything else is needed for construction and upgrades of buildings.

When you begin you have your own compound, which you will recruit survivors after reaching certain thresholds noted in a blue bar near the top of the screen. At the beginning, this compound is full of junk which can be freed up for resources and more building space, which you will need. There is multiple buildings to construct, consisting of storage for resources, production lots where small amounts of resources are laid, gardens and water collectors to give you food and water. You can also building security buildings, such as barricades and spike wall, for example, to keep the infected at bay, as well as traps! Work benches are used in the construction of better upgrades to buildings, or can be used to build, upgrade, and craft new gear, weapons, and much more!

You will need to go out from the compound to gather more resources, which is seen from the map screen. This map screen shows you your base, and buildings where items and resources can be located, which can be found by hovering your mouse over the various buildings, each with their own main resource collection noted. When you click on these buildings you will be taken to a survivor outfitting screen, where you can attach weapons and gears to improve them. Once you are ready, the game goes into a real time combat scenario, where you will click on objects to scavenge, zombies to fight, and move your characters, which somewhat reminds me of a simple Fallout: Tactics style isometric view. Once you scavenge everything you need, you click on the green exit squares and click the leave for home button, if you do not, your survivor will be injured and need to rest and be out of action.

Speaking of survivors, there is 5 classes to choose for each survivor, (fighter, recon, engineer, scavenger, and medic) and each have their own specialty weapons and are unique to their roles. Scavengers are best at looting objects and wielding blunt weapons, for example. They will level up along with your main character, and can be better gear and weapons, as well be better at what they do. Thankfully, if you have a survivor out of commission, you will not lose him, but he will instead rest for a while.

The loot found in this game follows a Diablo style loot system, color coded in rarities from common to unique. You will also find junk, which can be recycled manually or by using a recycler building to salvage more materials to be used in construction of buildings or gear. You will sometimes find a HERC supply box, which needs a key to open up to get loot, which if you ever played team fortress 2 and found the crates, you know exactly what I am talking about.

One of the best things I enjoy about this game is you are not required to have a bunch of friends playing the game, or anyone to be honest. You are mostly on your own in this game, although you can visit others to help them out, or raid them if you choose. Raiding has consequences though, because bounties can now be placed on you and you will be hunted down for it, but its an option for those who seek it. You can be a bounty hunter and collect fuel for your troubles for succeeding.

Fuel is the in-game currency for this game, and is not so reliant on real money to get it, because it can be found while looting, removing junk, or other methods. Its a breath of fresh air really, considering that most Facebook games are so reliant on the in-game currencies to win or accomplish things, or having a lot of friends playing the same game to accomplish the same goal.

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