Romania: Investing in a Land of Unexpected Opportunity

I have to admit it. I had almost no knowledge of the country of Romania just five short years ago, when I came here for the first time. What came to my mind were images of Dracula, Frankenstein, and under-cared for orphaned children, the kind that were featured in fund-raising specials that appeared on television when I was a kid. At least I can say that I knew for sure that it existed, and so did it’s province of Transylvania. That’s partially contrary to what I was taught in elementary school, by the way, when our teacher assured us that Transylvania was only a storybook land and therefore we need not be frightened that the horrible creatures that inhabit it actually exist!A Level Business - Absorb Online Learning

Now, instead, I am captured by many of the same things that ancient Roman emperors like Cesar and Napoleon found so alluring about this place Abdo Romeo. (Romania was a part of the Roman Empire and takes it name from the Latin word for Rome.) From incredible natural resources to majestic mountain and seaside landscapes, Romania is a place that has a little of everything you would find elsewhere and a number of things you can’t find anywhere else. And as for Transylvania, my teacher was right on one point – it is a storybook land- but, on the contrary, for it’s beauty and that of it’s people.

Ultimately as concerns Romania though, the most important discovery I made in my search for the truth about this land of legends, is the tremendous real estate investment potential that exists here.

Romania presents the investor with an exceptional opportunity to benefit from the ascension of an eastern block country to the European Community. The timetime line this opportunity, however, is limited. Romania is one of the last European countries in ascension talks with the EU and it is projected to enter in either 2007 or 2008. The expectation around this hallmark event has resulted in much needed economic and government reform, making conditions more suitable for foreign investment.

The pre-ascension excitement has also given way to a dramatic increase in real estate prices in recent years, especially in major cities and tourist areas. For example, a friend of ours bought a 2-bedroom apartment in central Bucharest in early 2002 for $25,000 USD. Today his apartment is valued at 75,000 EURO ($100,000 USD) and the amount of interested buyers is more then sufficient.So much so, that potential buyers have actually posted advertisements on the entry door to his apartment building stating that they are eagerly looking to buy an apartment in the building or a nearby one. This friend of ours can choose to sell his apartment today at a significant profit or hold on to it until closer to the actual ascension of Romania to the EU, allowing him to benefit from the greatest possible appreciation in value of his property. During the mean time, he could continue to rent out the apartment at 700 EURO ($890 USD) a month or get in on the burge oning short-term rental market which offers an alternative to the over-priced hotel room rates in the city, and with a pretty good occupancy rate, rent the apartment on a daily or weekly basis at 50 Euro per night.

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