Marijuana Addiction – What Every Parent Should Know

Marijuana is highly addictive and it is often called pot, reefer, grass, herb, weed or even Mary Jane. It is a greenish mixture of dried and shredded leaves, seeds, flowers and stems. Most people smoke this mixture by using hand rolled cigarettes, called joints, and some even call it “bongs”. Another favorite method is to make “Blunts” which are prepared by slicing cigars and then replacing the tobacco with marijuana. It is often combined with other drugs such as cocaine. Some addicts also use it to brew tea or sometime consume it, mixed with food.9mm Heavy Glass Beaker Bong Ice Bong | Water Pipes

An individual gets highly addicted by Marijuana, and later this addiction, limits potential. It triggers numerous psychiatric disorders, and individuals cheap bongs suffer from the withdrawal syndrome associated with this drug on stopping consumption. This is a real threat to the younger generation who are in search of instant happiness. Generally, parents are unaware of many teenage habits and they underestimate the threat that marijuana poses to 21st century teens.

Potency has increased many-fold as compared to what it was some decades ago. The drug that is available in the market today is quite different from what was available in the past. Much of this drug is being grown with hydroponics and fertilizers. So it is not the same drug that your uncle Eddie grew in his backyard. It is 6 times stronger than the variety that was available during the 60’s and 70’s. This increased potency regrettably increases the social and health risk and later leads to addiction. Marijuana addiction is inevitable and only detox can save the addict.

Specialists have categorized Marijuana as an addictive drug and documented it as a drug causing withdrawal symptoms when addicts try to break free from this deadly habit. Withdrawal symptom intensity is not as high as that suffered by heroin addicts, but still it is dangerous and as intensified as alcohol detoxing. Parents should know that detox is unpleasant and it could really pose a threat during recovery stages.

When the term nursing comes to mind, most people think of the profession. Nursing is a career in which one person gains specialized training that enables him to care for another’s health. Medical nurses administer shots, take blood pressure readings, give medication to patients, and assist doctors in surgery. A nursing degree takes several years of classroom training and clinical training in the field. The word nursing, however, can mean many other things outside of medicine.

Nursing is also another term for breastfeeding an infant. After a child is born, the mother of the child produces milk in her breast that is released throughout her nipples. The child can nurse from the mother’s breast by sucking the milk out. The breast milk provides all of the nourishment that the child needs during his first few months of his life. Nursing is an alternative to giving the baby formula. Nursing is considered to be healthier than giving formula. It also helps create a stronger emotional bond between mother and child. Some experts maintain that this bond manifests itself years down the road when the child is much older.

Nursing with breast milk also helps the child resist infections. Children have a lower risk of developing allergies, asthma, and many other diseases. Women who drink alcohol or smoke should either abstain from these activities or stop nursing. Alcohol and tobacco can be harmful to the baby if passed through the breast milk. In these cases, a mother can hire a wet nurse to suckle her baby. Wet nurses may also be used if the mother herself cannot produce enough milk. When a mother gives birth to two or more babies, she may not be able to handle all of the nursing activity on her own. A wet nurse is also helpful if a mother is ill or unwilling to breast feed.

Another form of nursing is nursing an injury. Nursing an injury means giving special care and attention to help it heal. This does not require the use of an actual medical nurse. Professional athletes out on medical leave are said to be nursing an injury. When someone nurses a sprained ankle, they may be seen limping instead of walking normally on it. Without this special care, the injury may not heal properly, and may take longer to heal.

Yet another form of nursing is slow consumption of a beverage. College kids may poke fun at one another for nursing a beer. In college, getting drunk as fast as possible is considered to be the cool and fun thing to do by some kids. Nursing a beer may not be the standard acceptable way to drink at a fraternity party. In fact, at many parties, a beer bong may be used to encourage rapid consumption of beer. This is the opposite of nursing a beer. This is not to say that all college students exhibit this kind of behavior. Many people may actually choose to nurse their drink in order to enjoy the taste and flavor as long as possible.

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