Here are a few kinds of bettors that are explained below. Which do you belong to?

Bettor A: The Ego Bettor This kind of gambler is driven by the sense of pride which he gains from out-smarting and beating his bookie. Money isn’t the primary factor.

Bettor B: The Gambler The bettor who is driven by the adrenaline rush that he experiences from risk. Gambling UFABET addiction is a major factor, and should he not be betting on sports, then there would be a chance he’d be betting any other way.

Bettor C: the Strategist – The bettor really enjoys strategizing for the game. They generally engage in other games like chess . They bet more on more  of the process than the final result.

Bettor D The Social Bettor This bettor bets because it’s extremely popular in the present and everyone is doing it. They are primarily driven by the desire to blend in with their peers.

Bettor E: The Money Bettor aka The Bookie Spanker – This bettor is betting solely for money. He has kept his ego on the back burner and only bets to make a profit and is willing to do anything to achieve this.

The reality is that the overwhelming majority of bettors belong to one of these four categories. And although bettors who belong to group A B, C, or D may enjoy limited results in live betting on games, they are not the only ones who consistently dominate the betting on sports online.

Internet or gambling on sports and online gambling has been the fastest-growing section of online commerce, with revenue growth increasing from $1.5 billion back in 2000 and $4.6 billion by 2002. According to estimates of projected growth, revenues will increase to $10.7 billion by 2005. The figure has already risen to 15 billion. It is imperative to grab your share of the pie. There are strategies around and many claim to be ‘100%’ assured, tested and guaranteed. However, I am able to lay claim to a system called spank you bookie because I that I’ve tried it for myself and was able to earn over $2000 USD within the first month using three of the taught methods.

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