HEETS, what are they?

Smoking products like HEETS, also known as heat-not-burn (IQOS) sticks, are manufactured specifically for use in the IQOS heat-not-burn device. When used in conjunction with an IQOS device, HEETS are the principal means through which nicotine is delivered.2022 New Electronic Cigarette Smoking Device Heat Not Burn 3500 mAh Battery  Pluscig P9 Iqos Device 18650 Mod Chiqos Kc - China Electronic Cigarette,  Iqos Cigarette | Made-in-China.com

Even though HEETS are primarily made of tobacco, they must be treated differently from cigarettes in order to produce the best possible vaporisation. Glycerin and tobacco are the main ingredients of HEETS, according to Philip Morris International (PMI). As part of HEETS’ vaporisation process, glycerin helps transport nicotine to the user through a steam-like mechanism, making it a crucial component. e-liquids and other foods already include the glycerin used in HEETS, which is safe to eat by humans. Tobacco contains just 0.5 milligrammes of nicotine each stick.


Heets iqos is made composed of a glycerin and tobacco core with an aluminium foil outer layer, a deep cellulose-acetate mouthpiece, and a biopolymer film filter. When the biopolymer filter is exposed to the environment, it absorbs heat and undergoes structural changes. As a result, users who inhale with more force may notice that the cellulose filter deforms more rapidly and seems to be burned. This means that post cooling down the filter becomes hardened and can’t be used again. For HEETS to operate, users just insert them in the IQOS stick holder and it will heat them up to 350 degrees Celsius. To acquire the flavour and nicotine hit, the user just inhales via the HEETS filter. It’s important to remember that each HEET has much less tobacco than a typical cigarette, at just 6.1 grammes.

Regular cigarettes are not authorised in any IQOS device, as should be noted. IQOS devices may only be used with HEETS, and will not work with any other tobacco products. Unlike tobacco products, HEETS cannot be smoked or used in the same way.


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