7 Ways to Use Videos for More Engagement on Instagram

In the digital world, social media has become a very important part of a successful marketing strategy. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. offer a lot of opportunities for brands to showcase their products. These platforms are free to use and you can directly interact with a larger audience at once. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in building a marketing strategy that includes social media videos. No matter whether you have a small or a large business buy instagram followers cheap, it’s time that you take social media marketing seriously.

Based on statistics shared by Lyfe marketing, 93 percent of videos on Twitter are accessed from mobile phones. Views of branded video content on YouTube has doubled in the last three years. Moreover, Facebook live videos receive 10 times more comments that a regular video. All these statistics show that video content is in demand on social media networks. This is because millennials connect more to videos on social media. Web Marketing Video Council has found that more than 60 percent of brands are using social media videos actively for promotions. Thus, it is highly likely that your competitors are also leveraging the power of social media video to expand their customer base.

Instagram is a very powerful social media platform that allows you to share images and videos online. Techcrunch has been studying Instagram trends since its launch. As per their study, Instagram crossed the threshold of 1 billion monthly active users in 2018. Moreover, Instagram is currently growing at a rate of 5 percent per quarter, the highest among social media platforms. So, Instagram should be your first choice in showcasing your brand’s product and services. In this article, we will take you through some ways to use Instagram videos for engaging more audience.

Short Commercials

Create short, valuable videos that represent your brand. You can showcase your product in an artistic way through these videos. The commercial can be inspirational, funny, or emotional. Instagram currently allows you to share a 60 second video on your timeline. With such short videos, it is easy to grab the attention of the target audience. Also, short videos are best to share crisp information about your products. You can share the commercial in Instagram stories, IGTV or in the Instagram timeline.

Product details

Showcase your product’s specifications or a ‘product in action’ video to demonstrate its capability. Focus only on important features to keep the viewers engaged. Keep the video more informative and less descriptive. Attention to detail is the key to creating a cool and sexy video. You can put the product video in your brand’s Instagram page’s timeline for the audience to see anytime. Creating such spontaneous videos attracts a lot of attention.

Do it yourself videos

An effective way to use Instagram videos is to create instructional content. ‘Do it yourself’ or ‘how to’ videos share your products working. This helps the users to understand the product’s usage. You can also create troubleshooting videos related to any problem that your customer might face. To the point videos are liked by the target audience as they get relevant information within a short span of time. By sharing such videos from time to time you can build a relationship with your existing customers.

Behind the scenes video

Customers have become picky in choosing a product, hence it is important to establish a connection with them. You can create behind the scenes videos that take them through trivia related to your product. You can even conduct quick learning sessions about tips and tricks related to your product usage. The fast forward video that Sheryl Cole has shared about her work will give some idea. You just have to be creative and smart in capturing the right moments for your Instagram video.

Instagram Stories Video

Instagram launched Insta stories in August 2016. Through stories, you can share images or videos with your followers for a 24-hour duration. This short span creates a sense of urgency and people tend to view the stories as they see one active. You can use stories to promote your business as follows:


  1. Sharing short-time deals is a good way to attract people to your products and services. You can set up the offer so that it can only be redeemed during the story’s lifespan. Once people get to know about such deals, they will come for more.

  2. Let an influencer take over your Instagram handle to share a sneak peek of the products and discount offers. A familiar face is sure to attract more audience.

Live on Instagram


The best feature on Instagram is that you can stream live video on it. Once you go live on Instagram, you are at the forefront of your follower’s feed. Hence, there are high chances of your followers engaging with your live stream. They get to see your stream even if they aren’t physically part of the event. Product previews, product releases, Q&A sessions, educational streams, etc. are some ways in which you can engage with your online audience. If your event is pre-planned, then you can promote it through emails and other social media platforms.

Bring in the makers

Give a personal touch to your stories by introducing your employees who have created your products and services. You can get the team members to share their journey in product development. Also, you can let your employees handle your brand’s Instagram account for a day. They can then share details about their work life and the hard work that goes into making the product. The employees can even conduct a Q&A session for the audience to educate them about the product. Such video sessions create an emotional connect with the target audience and more views to your Instagram account.


If you aren’t incorporating the power of Instagram into your digital marketing campaign, then you are missing out on something big. Instagram’s potential if exploited properly, can take your products to new heights. There is no perfect way to use Instagram video, the techniques mentioned above will help you in getting started in doing so. You can even hire social media management agencies that will help you promote your products by creating some amazing video content.


Best ways for Instagram likes

We live in a strange period of. With the internet with a rapid pace, we find almost all aspects of our lives are fragmenting into new shapes and forms due to the internet-connectedness. The music industry-and its artists who work within it-are in a state where the landscape is always changing. The process of identifying target demographics is an easy task with the variety of analytical software that are available. Music has changed from primarily physical products to nearly entirely digital. Traditional marketing has turned to social marketing and branding as direction.

Due to Spotify and other music streaming platforms that make music in the palm of your hand record labels were barely able to beat out independents for total revenue in 2014. The time is right for musicians to ditch the backing of major labels and go through the turbulent waters of the music industry on their own. This is notwithstanding the fact that they may hire out services such as products and cheap likes for instagram marketing on social media. Indie artists typically have more creative options than their major label counterparts, and generally have a higher share of the money they generate. If artists are paying for these services, they might consider taking a shot at social media marketing for themselves. Look over our list of 10 easy music marketing tips for indie artists.

1. Engage with your fans They want to know what their top artists are up to. This is a simple idea and one of the primary reasons interviews are a huge step in a band’s promo. Consider tweeting something about yourself or post an image of yourself in the creative process. A step further is to Retweet and reply to your followers. This will make them feel even more connected to you. Take the time to give your followers a glimpse behind the curtain.

2. Keep your social media up to Date – Nothing is worse than visiting the Facebook or Twitter page and seeing that their schedule is from the summer of last. It is essential to update performance dates and venues the moment you have confirmed them. Give your fans time to accommodate their busy schedules , and allow them to make it out to your shows. Beyond the tour schedules, make sure that content is updated frequently so that fans will have things to be excited about every time they visit your website.

3. Connect all your social media Accounts – You should be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and each should have links that connect to the other. Do not eat too much than you’re able to chew however. There are 100’s of social media websites-you don’t need to go through each one.

4. Don’t sound like an Advertisement – We’ve all come across THAT band who has an account on social media that appears to be selling the product on each tweet or post. Be genuine! If there is something you dislike about a band’s social media pages, take a lesson from their mistakes.

5. Visuals, visuals, and visuals The average person gets bored of boring text on a regular basis. Pictures and videos catch the eye and will get people to look out the content you’ve posted. Instagram’s entire model is built on images and videos, and it’s worth around $35 billion. Photograph in the studio , or record videos with a short message to your fans. Actually, pictures or videos receive a higher organic news feed than pure text posts on Facebook.

6. Keep posting regularly and stay active – There’s nothing that suggests “we don’t care” quite as a band whose last tweet was two years ago. Every waking moment does not have to be filled with social media, but consistently posting on social media is a great way to keep fans in touch and interacting with the band.

7. Do not send out spam. Keep the content unique! Posting the same status or tweet using the same text and same link every day is a huge no-no. Don’t let your followers question whether the person who posted it is the artist or an automated program that runs their social media page. Reusing extremely engaging posts later on is entirely acceptable.

8. Offer Exclusives to Fans – Giving out exclusives can be a great way to reward fans for their subscription to your social media pages. Create an audio file online, and share a link so that people who have liked your page will be able to download the song and save it in their music library. This is also a successful method of growing your database of email addresses.

9. Automate Everything You Can – Automating isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Find out more about the subject and locate a good tool for you to streamline your social media presence. There are some great apps available that can help you organize your tweets as well as your postings on Facebook.

10. You Can’t Rely Only On Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – This one is a little outside of the realm but still very much a social media tip. The social media platform isn’t all you are! You’re a musical artist not one of the “Twitter Pic Of The Day” collective. Make connections with people from the industry, book shows and don’t place all your eggs in one basket. Social media is an amazing tool for indie artists however it’s not the ultimate solution.

Top 5 Ways To Effectively Use Instagram

Instagram is at present utilized by a large number of individuals around the world, and for a valid justification: taking pictures and offering them to your companions has never been more straightforward! Nonetheless, Instagram can be utilized in an exceptionally viable way, for systems administration as well as for promoting  ดูวิดีโอโป๊ฟรี purposes also. Assuming you have a business and you might want to advance it in the internet based climate, then, at that point, this can be an incredible advancement device Having said that, the following are 5 of the most ideal ways to successfully utilize Instagram:

1. Hashtags Can Work Like Magic!

Twitter utilizes them, Instagram utilizes them and as of late, Facebook has carried out hashtags too. Actually, Instagram clients cooperate primarily through hashtags, to this end you want to figure out how to involve them to your greatest advantage. This angle can be especially helpful for organizations who are searching for supporters, as it permits them to make their substance accessible and it will likewise trigger a viral impact that will help the business over the long haul.

2. Photographs And Videos Can Tell A Story

A photograph can merit 1,000 words, and everyone realizes that. Instagram is about photographs, however taking arbitrary photographs won’t take you exceptionally far, particularly on the off chance that you intend to utilize Instagram fundamentally for showcasing purposes. Truly outstanding, quickest and simplest ways of expanding brand mindfulness and to help deals is to post photos of your item consistently: they don’t need to be proficient, they simply need to feature the primary elements and elements of the item being referred to and to engage the wide crowd.

Same goes for recordings: you can impart recordings to your workers in real life, or you can make live item audits. Notwithstanding your decision, recordings and pictures are probably going to become famous online, as individuals love media documents more than text and they are probably going to recall them throughout the long term. To really establish yourself, then, at that point, pictures and recordings will most likely proved to be useful!

3. Challenges

Individuals love gifts, limits and a wide range of special offers, therefore you can never turn out badly with a challenge. A challenge is a mutual benefit: your clients will get a free item or administration, while you find the opportunity to expand memorability. One extraordinary method for involving Instagram for challenges is to urge individuals to share their own photos of your item, and to remunerate the most interesting or unique picture. Simultaneously, you can utilize different apparatuses that permit you to handily insert an Instagram feed or a hashtag feed into your site.

4. Monitor Your Success

Following the achievement of your Instagram showcasing effort is fundamental. Luckily, there are numerous extensive and easy to use applications that permit you to follow the client development, to see which are your most well known posts, to decide when is the ideal opportunity to post substance, etc. As superfluous as these subtleties might appear from the outset, they can really have an effect.

5. Interface With Your User

Staying in contact with your clients is significant, particularly for little and medium undertakings who have a restricted objective market. You can show your clients that you care about their input by essentially answering to their remarks or questions. This won’t just draw in client produced content, yet it will likewise further develop believability and increment the perceivability of your business. Try not to underrate the force of your Instagram devotees, as they can add to the accomplishment of your business!

To summarize it, these are five of the most ideal ways to successfully utilize Instagram to build deals, help the income and further develop brand mindfulness.