Cartoon – A Medium That Uses Pictures to Give Messages

The two dimensional art form of cartoon is normally an unrealistic drawing used for caricature, satire or humor. The term has been in used to identify the preparatory drawings made for drawings such as frescoes during the early days. However, in the 19th century it has been mainly used for making humor and satire เว็บดูการ์ตูนออนไลน์. The practice continues up to date with many satirical cartoons being drawn everyday for print media by well known cartoonists. Most magazines and newspapers carry them these days.A Beginner's Guide To Anime And Manga - Geeky Domain

The word “cartone” in Italian and “Karton” in Dutch mean a heavy, strong board. Since the early drawings made on walls were sketched on this type of board, probably the word cartoon has derived from that. Since the completion of the wall painting took several days the drawing made on the hard paperboard was very helpful.

The first appearances of modern cartoons date back to 1843 when the British magazine “Punch” carried some of them. These were satirical drawings. They have developed over the years and come up to become what they are today. Usually, a cartoon will consist of a drawing and a caption typed under it. Less frequently, the text is included in a speech balloon. Most often they express ideas in a humorous manner. As a result, they enjoy a prominent place in newspapers and magazines today.

While the cartoon has become a popular component of news papers and magazines, sometimes they are collected and printed in the form of books. In some of the books they have published the works of many artists along with their photographs alongside the drawing. There are also story books that tell their stories by way of cartoons and these are very popular among children. Some well-known books have been published as series. They were very popular before similar series appeared on the television.

Animation also has become a part of cartoons. There are animated movies that carry a series of pictures that are viewed in rapid succession in order to provide the visual effect of moving images. Movies of this type are produced often for television. During the early days of movies cartoon films were also very popular. They were not expensive to make and no artists were required. No studios were necessary and no need of equipment either. The first few of the Walt Disney cartoons were drawn by the two Disney brothers in a garage. Even today animated series are highly popular with children.

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