Birthday Wishes Can Come True

Every year all of us celebrate or loath the day our Earthly mother gave us birth. She brought us into the world through pain and joy. We have experienced this pain and joy everyday since that day Birthday wishes for twin sister. Much of it we do not remember. Some of it we will never forget no matter how much we want to or try to.Pain and Joy. Joy and Pain. We are only human so we must have both in order to exist. However, many of us wish we had a lot more joy and a lot less pain. It seems that everyday we have to deal with something in our lives that we would rather not have to deal with. We ask ourselves why we can’t have more joy in our lives.History of the Happy Birthday Song | Pump It Up

Birthdays are the one day besides New Years’ Eve that we reflect on the past year of our life. We ask have we done what we wanted to do. We ask have we had as much joy as we wanted. We ask is this all there is to life. We ask what is my purpose in life and we ask why does it seem like the years go by so fast and you accomplish so little.It really boils down to us not feeling that we are doing what we truly believe we are put on this planet to do. We feel as if we are not able to do what we really enjoy. We feel trapped by the job, the family, the very life we have chosen to live. Yes, no matter how miserable you may think you are, you chose to be that way.

So is it any wonder that every birthday and December 31 we make all kinds of promises to ourselves to change our life. Indeed, is it any wonder that many of those wishes or resolutions are ones that are aimed at directly changing us on the outside in some way? But the problem is most wishes or resolutions are broken within the first 30 days they are made.

The reason is those resolutions do not take into account what we really want. Those resolutions do not even attempt to change what is inside of each of us. When you make a wish that is contrary to your core being, you will ultimately not reach the goal of that wish.For example, many of us make a resolution to lose weight. But very few of us make a resolution to bring out the thin and healthy person on the inside. All we do is try and attack our exterior. We want to drop some pounds and watch our outside shrink. The problem is we try fad diet after fad diet and realize that the pain of those diets isn’t working fast enough so we see that the person in the mirror is not changing and so we give up.

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