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We live in a strange period of. With the internet with a rapid pace, we find almost all aspects of our lives are fragmenting into new shapes and forms due to the internet-connectedness. The music industry-and its artists who work within it-are in a state where the landscape is always changing. The process of identifying target demographics is an easy task with the variety of analytical software that are available. Music has changed from primarily physical products to nearly entirely digital. Traditional marketing has turned to social marketing and branding as direction.

Due to Spotify and other music streaming platforms that make music in the palm of your hand record labels were barely able to beat out independents for total revenue in 2014. The time is right for musicians to ditch the backing of major labels and go through the turbulent waters of the music industry on their own. This is notwithstanding the fact that they may hire out services such as products and cheap likes for instagram marketing on social media. Indie artists typically have more creative options than their major label counterparts, and generally have a higher share of the money they generate. If artists are paying for these services, they might consider taking a shot at social media marketing for themselves. Look over our list of 10 easy music marketing tips for indie artists.

1. Engage with your fans They want to know what their top artists are up to. This is a simple idea and one of the primary reasons interviews are a huge step in a band’s promo. Consider tweeting something about yourself or post an image of yourself in the creative process. A step further is to Retweet and reply to your followers. This will make them feel even more connected to you. Take the time to give your followers a glimpse behind the curtain.

2. Keep your social media up to Date – Nothing is worse than visiting the Facebook or Twitter page and seeing that their schedule is from the summer of last. It is essential to update performance dates and venues the moment you have confirmed them. Give your fans time to accommodate their busy schedules , and allow them to make it out to your shows. Beyond the tour schedules, make sure that content is updated frequently so that fans will have things to be excited about every time they visit your website.

3. Connect all your social media Accounts – You should be using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube and each should have links that connect to the other. Do not eat too much than you’re able to chew however. There are 100’s of social media websites-you don’t need to go through each one.

4. Don’t sound like an Advertisement – We’ve all come across THAT band who has an account on social media that appears to be selling the product on each tweet or post. Be genuine! If there is something you dislike about a band’s social media pages, take a lesson from their mistakes.

5. Visuals, visuals, and visuals The average person gets bored of boring text on a regular basis. Pictures and videos catch the eye and will get people to look out the content you’ve posted. Instagram’s entire model is built on images and videos, and it’s worth around $35 billion. Photograph in the studio , or record videos with a short message to your fans. Actually, pictures or videos receive a higher organic news feed than pure text posts on Facebook.

6. Keep posting regularly and stay active – There’s nothing that suggests “we don’t care” quite as a band whose last tweet was two years ago. Every waking moment does not have to be filled with social media, but consistently posting on social media is a great way to keep fans in touch and interacting with the band.

7. Do not send out spam. Keep the content unique! Posting the same status or tweet using the same text and same link every day is a huge no-no. Don’t let your followers question whether the person who posted it is the artist or an automated program that runs their social media page. Reusing extremely engaging posts later on is entirely acceptable.

8. Offer Exclusives to Fans – Giving out exclusives can be a great way to reward fans for their subscription to your social media pages. Create an audio file online, and share a link so that people who have liked your page will be able to download the song and save it in their music library. This is also a successful method of growing your database of email addresses.

9. Automate Everything You Can – Automating isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Find out more about the subject and locate a good tool for you to streamline your social media presence. There are some great apps available that can help you organize your tweets as well as your postings on Facebook.

10. You Can’t Rely Only On Facebook/Instagram/Twitter – This one is a little outside of the realm but still very much a social media tip. The social media platform isn’t all you are! You’re a musical artist not one of the “Twitter Pic Of The Day” collective. Make connections with people from the industry, book shows and don’t place all your eggs in one basket. Social media is an amazing tool for indie artists however it’s not the ultimate solution.

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