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It is a situation that no one ever wants to find him or herself in, however, it is one that an DUI attorney can assist you with. Being pulled over at the roadway side, waiting for the police to walk up to the window and wondering if you’ve been drinking too much. It is true that there are instances when a person knows that they’re over the limit, and no they shouldn’t be driving but at other times, it is impossible to tell how much was too much. Of course , the best answer is no, and in the event that anyone is having anything to drink, there must be a designated driver , or taxi. dui lawyer orange county However, in real life this isn’t the norm and then you’re back in the driver’s seat attempting to figure out if you’re over the limit for legal. Before Officer Friendly makes it to your window, there are a number of things that a DUI attorney might want you to think about.

Avoid Field Sobriety Tests

The words you speak about will never help your case in court. There’s a good reason to claim that “anything you say can get used to your advantage” and not “anything you speak about can be used to assist you” nobody has or will ever have said anything to police that will make their situation any better. It is best to stick to the basics like your names and providing your driver’s registration and license requests, and remain silent when asked any other questions. You should not answer the question of whether you have been drinking and the amount you’ve consumed. When you are asked to count backwards, use the alphabet, or walk straight lines, don’t perform it. These tests are meant to determine if you are so drunk that you are and not your level of function. They are used as tests due to the fact that they are extremely difficult to complete sober, and extremely difficult to execute when drunk. Your DUI attorney will know that the results of these tests are based on the impressions of the police officer. Do not be rude and ask instead that, if under arrest you be taken to the police station or hospital to check your blood alcohol level.

Comply To The Breathalyzer

Although it is true that field sobriety tests do not provide a precise test for intoxication, blood alcohol levels are a legal benchmark. There are serious repercussions in failing to pass the test, however there are far more severe ramifications for refusing. A reputable DUI attorney is competent to limit the impact of a test that shows that their client exceeded the legal limit, but it’s almost impossible to defend mandatory penalties in the event of a refusal.

Pick Up The Phone

Get in touch with your DUI attorney as soon as you get. They are knowledgeable and highly skilled in representing such cases. Drunk driving is a major error and should not be the kind of situation you’d like to face and it could end up being far worse without proper representation. Always make sure to consult a professional in your local area to see what advice is appropriate for your situation as the laws differ from place to place.

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